Young Roma woman journalist and actor Sindjerela Bobaric: My friend did not let me in the apartment, because I am a Roma woman!

Sinindela Bobaric, 28, from Zagreb, says she often feels rejected by others in Croatia. It does not confront prejudice only during schooling, but also in everyday life.

I had a friend from the neighborhood who told me that I can no longer come to him at home because his grandmother told him that he can not socialize with Roma, said Sinjedela Bobaric.

Besides being a journalist and actor in the editorial board of, she also works in the Roma National Council as an assistant to European projects.

- Togan as a child all these prejudices had a great influence on me and in my self-esteem. I was emotionally injured and did not know what the word Gypsy meant. I asked my mom what that meant. Then I realized that this is actually when there are people who do not want to accept you, and that it is always necessary to try twice as hard to prove exactly the sport of what they consider you.



A rare interesting Roma attraction in the world - the city of Soroca in Moldova

The town of Soroca in Moldova is one of the most unusual tourist attractions in the world - and as if it were not when it has its own Bolshoi Theater, Capitol Hill and St. Peter's Basilica

It is normal that it is only for replicas, that is megalomaniac houses and villas that were inspired to be in appearance as the most glorious world examples of architecture.

Soroca is an unusual city named as the throne of the Roma, even has its own king.

Arthur Baron Cerari is the local "king" of the Roma who is the leader of his community and has his own impressive palace.

At the same time, he is an advisor to the Moldovan president on Roma issues.
This man has more talents - a lot of instruments, including harmonica and clarinet, and speaks eight languages.



Andrijana, Zlatko, Jovo and Katerina disappeared a month ago without a trace and a voice. Are these occasions connected?

Four teenage Roma, all of them minors, misled the public with their mysterious disappearances.

In just over two weeks ago, four teenagers cut out of the Bjelovar region of Croatia. In fact, the disappearance of a couple of brothers and sisters was reported, and soon afterwards the disappearance of two more people was reported.

First of all, a brother and a sister from Lasovec disappeared near Bjelovar, Andrijana (16) and Zlatko (17) Bugarinovic, who left their grandmother's house on June 19, losing their traces. Then two days later Jovo Stojcevic, 17, disappeared.

However, his stay is in the Narta area near Bjelovar, and exactly two weeks later, on July 5, his sister Katerina Stojcevic (15) disappeared, according to the media.

According to media reports, these disappearances are linked and suspect that they escaped together.

In fact, it's about teenagers who previously had an attempt to run away from their homes.


BiH - The housing and employment of Roma should be addressed as one problem

Integrated housing, as defined in the action plan to improve the housing conditions for Roma in BiH, unfortunately did not revive.
The idea was, at least one member of the family who would get a house, or an apartment to hire so that the family could survive normally.

During the Decade for Roma Inclusion, the countries that implement this project have invested serious funds to improve the conditions in which Roma live.
By analyzing the experiences and results after ten years, we came to the conclusion that the success measure to these figures.

There were videos of how many homes were built, but not the quality of the building or the number of Roma and Roma employees for a year, but not how many of them remained in those jobs.

According to these standards, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the leading country in the number of built homes, and indeed, during the Decade, 1,000 housing units have been built or sanitized, that is, 5,000 people who have received safe roofing over their heads.

The solution is reflected in the unification of both existing programs into one. They say it's really unfortunate that over 5 million euros have been invested in housing, but not one euro from the construction work has earned a single Roma !?


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