The blackest day in Serbia: Nine dead, seven students in the operating room, one girl fighting for her life

Nine people died in the shooting that happened this morning around eight o'clock in the elementary school in Vracar in Belgrade. Among the victims there are also children, as well as a school guard, while six children and a teacher were wounded and were treated in the Urgentni center and Tirsova. The student Kosta K. (14) was arrested for the shooting.

Dragan Vlahovic, a school guard, was the first victim of Kosta K. (14) who killed nine people this morning in the mass shooting at the "Vladislav Ribnikar" school in Vracar.

In the elementary school where the shooting took place, as reported by, a backpack containing weapons, ammunition and Molotov cocktails, i.e. bottles with flammable liquid, was found. At this time, it is not known for sure if Costa K. (14), the student who was arrested for the shooting, brought that backpack to school.

According to, Kosta K. (14) first shot the guard who tried to take his weapon and stop him.

As we learn, Costa, with a weapon in his hand, wandered into the school. The guard saw this and went to stop him, when the student shot him. He first shot three people in the school hallway, then burst into a history class and started shooting. At least 15 bullets were fired from two magazines.


Population census in Serbia: Roma are around 132,000, or 16,000 less than in 2011

Half a year after the end of the census, the first official data have been published showing that Serbia has half a million less inhabitants than in 2011.

Today, 6,647,003 people live in Serbia, of which 3,231,978 are men, and almost 3,415,025 are women, the Republic Institute of Statistics (RSO) announced.

80 percent of those enumerated, 5,360,239 people, declared themselves as Serbs, which is about 600,000 less than in 2011.

Hungarians are the most numerous - 184,442, followed by Bosniaks 152,801 and Roma 131,936. In contrast to 10 years ago, the number of Roma is 16,000 less, when they were 148,000.

In the response to the N1 portal, the Institute states that in that category there were those who declared themselves as "Jedi, aliens, Martians, spacemen, Klingons, inhabitants of the planet Earth, cosmopolitans, stars, partisans, hobbits, Lilliputians, Vikings. , Apaches, punks, cones, pokemons, rockers, vampires…”

Residents of Serbia by nationality in 2022.

  • Serbs 5,360,239
  • Hungarians 184,442
  • Bosniaks 153,801
  • Roma 131,936
  • Albanians 61,687
  • Slovaks 41,730
  • Croats 39,107
  • Yugoslavs 27,143
  • Romanians 23,044
  • Vlasi 21,013
  • Montenegrins 20,238
  • Macedonians 14,767
  • Muslims 13,011
  • Bulgarians 12,918
  • Routinians 11,483
  • Bunjevci 11,104
  • Russians 10,486




Border tragedy: Romani family facing deportation from Canada dies trying to cross into the USA

A young Romani family has perished while attempting to cross the Saint Lawrence River in a desperate effort to flee Canada for the United States. The couple died along with their children, a two-year-old girl and an 18-month-old boy. The children were Canadian citizens and were born to their parents, Florin and Monalisa Iordache (both age 28) who had been informed they were to be deported to Romania. According to CTV News, their lawyer, Peter Ivanyi, said the family was to have been deported to Romania on 29 March but never showed up for the flight. The Iordaches had filed a request for their deportation to be delayed so one of their children could be examined by a neurologist, but authorities rejected that request. The children, Evelyn and Eylen, were not included in the deportation order because they were both born in Canada and are Canadian citizens. Ivanyi said the family had done their best to find an alternative solution, but after their request for a stay of deportation was rejected, they apparently realized they were out of options. They decided to flee to the United States by crossing the river and tragically died during the risky journey.


UN: India will overtake China in terms of population by the end of this week

By the end of this week, India will overtake China to become the most populous country in the world, the United Nations has announced.

India's population is expected to reach 1,425,775,850 by the end of April, according to the latest figures from the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), the BBC reported.

The UN Population Fund announced last week that India will have 2.9 million more people than China by the middle of this year.

China's birth rate has recently fallen, and its population shrank last year for the first time since 1961.

China's population could drop below one billion by the end of the century, DESA said.

Last November, the world's population exceeded eight billion.

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Од 5 Ноември 2022 достапен документарниот филм на СП БТР „Небо, Точак, Земја„ на Max TV и Max TV GO со пребарување –Видеотека


6-to Romano Čhavorikanoo muzikakoro festivali 
„Čhavorikano Suno 2022“ – SP BTR

6-ти Ромски Детски музички фестивал
„Детски Сон 2022„ – СП БТР

6th Romani Children's Music Festival
"Children's Dream 2022" - SP BTR

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