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In Shuto Orizari, a police department has been put into operation

After the settlement of the property-legal relations by the Municipality of Shuto Orizari and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the new police department was put into operation for the first time.

After handing over the report of the Minister Oliver Spasovski by the Commander of the Police Department, Mr. Kiro Grncarski, the Mayor Kurto Dudush, accompanied by the Minister Spasovski, reviewed the new facility and held a meeting with

Minister Spasovski pointed out in his presentation that the obligation of the state is to create conditions for a safe environment.

"The link between the citizens and the police has long been terminated, which distrusted the institutions. I have been in Shuto Orizari several times, but now there is a change in many areas, which creates an image of a modern and urban municipality. The MoI invested more than 2 million denars for this facility, because prevention is important for citizens.

Now we need to motivate young people who meet the conditions of caring for security in their community. Congratulations on the decision to form a Prevention Council, and gratitude for the support and the initiative to the councilors, NGOs and citizens. " - said Minister Spasovski.

The changes in the SDSM are continuing, named by 30 representatives of municipal organizations. In Shuto Orizari named Asan Ferat

In its statement to the public SDSM noted:
The initiated process of change in the interests of the citizens, in the interest of the future, continues.

As we announced, the changes begin from here, from the SDSM, the party leader of the Government and the parliamentary majority, the party leader of the state's progress.

The President Zoran Zaev, according to his authority, indicated 30 presidents of the Municipal Organizations at the SDSM.
Half of the 15 outlined ones are newly named.

According to this list, the newly appointed SDSM Municipal President for the Municipality of Suto Orizari is the well-known businessman from this municipality, Asan Ferat.

In addition, municipal officials have changed the function in the following municipalities:
Struga, Shtip, Gjorce Petrov, Karpoš, Kriva Palanka, Rosoman, Sveti Nikole, Kočani, Lozovo, Vinica, Pehčevo, Brvenica, Kratovo, Novo Selo, Čaška, Berovo, Delčevo, Kruševo, Resen, Tearce, Kumanovo, Rankovce, Cucer Sandevo, Bogdanci, Konce, Radovis, Debar and Ohrid.

Link: http://www.sdsm.org.mk/News.aspx?idNews=17572&lng=1

Again incident in Shutka - Sprayed into the eyes with a spray, after which with a stab with a sharp object stabbed him in the neck

On May 12, 2019 around 22.30, in SVR Skopje, it was reported that in the settlement Shuto Orizari EI (20) from Skopje was attacked by several unknown persons.

According to the application, he first sprayed one of the persons with an unknown fluid into the eye area, after which another person was stabbed with a sharp object in the neck area. On E.I. he was given help in the Clinic "Mother Teresa" - Skopje.

SIA Skopje undertakes measures for finding the perpetrators and for the complete clearing of the case.

How did the Roma of Shutka and Topaana pass through April 8?

"This is a jungle. This does not endure. Look at this. Does it look like a neighborhood? So this is a disaster. "

Who does mean something on April 8th when it still needs to be eaten today? A holiday is celebrated if you have the conditions for it and if you have why you celebrate it. This is how the people of Shutka and Topaana will tell you, if you ask them how they mark the International Day of the Roma.

Today, there was no special festive atmosphere in Shutka or Topana. Everyone is chasing the job to make a living. Some are even revolted by the special attention of state officials, who say they remember them only once a year and in pre-election.

The main business in these settlements is trade, collecting bottles and scrap metal. And with that, they say they are not living, nor are they celebrated.
(Is there anything to celebrate?) When there is money every day there are holidays when there is no fun. This is an appeal from me for all over Europe. This is poverty, "said one of the residents.

For real integration and improvement of the status of Roma, they need money and dedication, alarm in their research and the Ombudsman, according to which, in the last ten years, the state almost did not move with a finger.

Link: https://24.mk/details/so-gladen-stomak-ne-se-slavi-praznik-velat-zhitelite-od-shutka-i-topana-za-me-unarodniot-den-na-romite?fbclid=IwAR3PqUpHpVhS5QlCcEhC5lEAH5Ixx578airlSNEmGhMrs1ENLl0H2tK4ltg


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