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Amdi Bajram died

Today, on October 24, 2020, Amdi Bajram, President of the Union of Roma from Macedonia and longtime representative of the Roma in the Macedonian Parliament, died.
He was born on August 30, 1956 in Skopje and graduated from the Commercial High School. Bajram in 1994 became a Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia as a member of the Party for Complete Emancipation of the Roma (PCER), but worked as an independent MP until the end of his term. In 1996 he founded SRM and was appointed its president. In the period 1998-2002 he supported the VMRO-DPMNE government led by Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski.
In 2008 he joined a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. Bajram terminated the coalition with VMRO-DPMNE after the party left in opposition after the parliamentary elections in 2016 and joined the coalition with SDSM of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. In the last parliamentary elections this year, for health reasons, he was not included in the list for the future parliamentary composition.

Four years since the death of the first Roma MP in the Macedonian Parliament Faik Abdi

Faik Abdi was born in Skopje on March 2, 1937. He had completed high school, and then worked as an advisor in the sector of economics and planning in the paper factory "Komuna" in Skopje. Otherwise, he was a member of the City Assembly of Skopje and a Member of the Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia from 1969 to 1974. In the independent Republic of Macedonia he had two terms as an MP from 1990 to 1998. For many years he was the president of KUD "Phralipe" from Skopje as well as the founder and President of the First Roma Political Party PCERM. Faik Abdi was also a participant in the first Roma Congress in London in 1971. He died on October 2, 2016.

The second phase of Indira Gandhi Street in Shuto Orizari is being reconstructed

The teams of the City of Skopje started today the second phase of the reconstruction of Indira Gandhi Street in the municipality of Shuto Orizari. The rebuilding of the second part of this freeway is scheduled to be completed within 50 days.

- As we promised last fall when we began the reconstruction of the first phase of Indira Gandhi Street, this spring we begin the reconstruction of the second phase of this street, 800 meters long, from Butelski Venec Street to Nov Zivot Street.

The old asphalt that has been completely destroyed will be replaced, the damaged curbs will be replaced, and the pavements will also be reconstructed. The investment of the City of Skopje in this project amounts to about 13.5 million denars with VAT - said Mayor Shilegov, at the beginning of the construction works on Indira Gandhi Street.

He emphasized that during the reconstruction of this section, a temporary traffic regime will be introduced in this part of the city.

- I ask the citizens to understand and respect this temporary traffic regime, in order to finish as soon as possible the reconstruction of this street that has not been reconstructed for more than 30 years. The City of Skopje invests in all parts of the city because for us all citizens are the same and have the same needs for good infrastructure.

At the beginning of this spring, when the planting season begins, here we will erect a new park - the first park to regulate the City of Skopje in Suto Orizari for the needs of the citizens - announced Shilegov.

The women from Suto Orizari were left without a gynecologist again

For seven days women from Suto Orizari do not have a family gynecologist in the municipality. With the departure of the sole practitioner of reproductive health, they say, they are coming back a decade when their struggle for basic access to services of this type began.


Over 8,000 patients in the only gynecological practice in Suto Orizari have been locked for a week. They say they received a notification without notice that Dr. Vjolcza Mbjara is leaving for work in the Cento neighborhood. The Women's Initiative states that they have the right to equal and unhindered access to reproductive health services.


The previous doctor came from Albania three years ago. He was appointed by the Ministry of Health and received subsidies because he was not interested in gynecologists working in the area. Such treatment in a municipality with a predominantly Roma population constitutes discrimination, say civic activists. They asked the Minister of Health if there was a solution to this burning problem. If no quick solution is found, they warn of adverse effects on the reproductive health of Shuto Orizari women.


Health Minister Venko Filipce also made the announcement. She says the doctor has decided to leave alone. He is talking to several institutions to see if a gynecologist can provide the rotation system and, if he cannot, he announced that a budget for additional stimulation will be provided with the Health Ministry program.

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