Dutch soccer fans told to pay €1,500 to Roma women they humiliated in Madrid

The accused apologized via video link for throwing coins at beggars in Plaza Mayor ahead of a
Champions League match in 2016
Four men charged with hate crimes over an incident that took place in Madrid in 2016 will pay €1,500 in damages to each of the women they humiliated as they partied ahead of a Champions League soccer match in the Spanish capital.
All four were fans of the Dutch club PSV Eindhoven, and had traveled to Madrid to watch their team play against Atlético de Madrid on March 15, 2016. On Wednesday, a Madrid court tried them for humiliating four Roma women who were begging in Plaza Mayor.
A video made by two students at the UAM-EL PAÍS journalism school showed the women picking up coins that had been thrown onto the ground by the Eindhoven fans, and being goaded into doing push-ups in exchange for money.
On Wednesday, the accused accepted a three-month prison term and to pay €1,500 to each of their victims. The public prosecution was asking for a one-year prison term and €600 in damages.


Boxing - a sport in which many Roma have won the most prestigious titles

Although much has been written about boxers, members of the Roma community, the number of those who fought in the ring is not small at all. Many of them are still active in the ring, some have given up sports that inflict wounds and scars, and some have been denied careers by the horrors of war.
The most famous Roma boxers
Johann Wilhelm Trollmann
Eight decades ago, Johann Wilhelm Trollman dominated the ring in Germany. His fighting skills in the ring promised him a career, but the Nazis did not allow any Roma of Sinti descent to win below, by no means, even under the German flag.
Tyson Fury
There is almost no prestigious European and world boxing award that Tyson Fury has not won. He has won several WBA, IBO, WBO and IBF titles and has been the champion of many Irish, British, European, Commonwealth and world competitions. The boxer said he would move to the United States because of the unbearable discrimination he is experiencing in the UK. Then he said: "I am a Roma and that is it. I will always be Roma, I will never change.
Jakob Bamberger
He was a horse trader and conductor, but also a great boxer. Like many other successful Sinti in Germany, World War II left a scar on his life. A Holocaust survivor after the war, he became a prominent Roma and Sinti human rights activist.
Bamberger's boxing career in particular has been booming since 1933, but it did not last long. At the age of 23, he became a member of Germany's Olympic boxing team, but was soon expelled because, like many, he was declared a "non-Aryan race".
Billy Joe Saunders
Professional British boxer, Billy Joe Saunders, is the holder of the title of the World Boxing Organization from 2015 to 2018. From 2012 to 2015, Saunders was the champion of Europe, Great Britain and the Commonwealth in the middleweight category. He also competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but did not achieve significant success.
Domenico Spada is a professional Italian boxer of Roma origin, who fights in the middle category. He started boxing at the age of 13, and started his professional career at the age of 22.
Domenico Spada was the champion of Italy in the junior and senior class. He fought in 45 matches, of which he won 34. He fought several times for the biggest boxing award of the WBC (World Boxing Council), but won silver. In 2005, he won the prestigious IBF (International Boxing Federation) Boxing Award.

From 1,000 marks per goal, to driving passengers in a van to Germany: Confession of the best Roma football player in Serbia, Dejan Osmanovic

- If there was YouTube in my time, all the goals I scored would have lasted for hours - says the legendary Dejan Osmanovic who is still sorry that he did not play for Partizan from Belgrade. Where is Dejan Osmanovic и and what does he do? That is what football fans are wondering in the period 1990-2000 when Kalea was really recognizable on the football fields in the then Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro only when he entered his fifth decade of life. The popular Kalea now lives in Vranje in the premises of his home club Dinamo from Vranje with a specially made mural in the premises of the club. The information that he has scored a triple-digit number of goals in the domestic championship, and he did not play for either Red Star or Partizan, whose jersey he dreamed of since he was little, testifies to what kind of legend he is.

From the debut for FC Hajduk from Bela Kula in the championship in 1996 when he scored a goal against Partizan (1:2), until 2008 when he beat Radisa Ilic for defeating Banat against OFK Belgrade (4:2), Osmanovic scored a total 101 goals and wrote his name in eternity. He speaks with nostalgia about the time when he "burned and burned" on the football fields. He talked about the beauty of this game but also the bitterness of the nationalist insults towards him on the football fields. That motivated him to "tear" the opponents' nets even more. It happened to C. Zvezda's stoppers to beg him to "brake" a little because they were followed by scouts from foreign teams. Behind him are adventures in Spain and Brazil and for his southern temperament. Kalea in his time earned 1000 marks as a bonus for each goal scored. But he did not think much about it to earn money, so it happened that after the end of his football career he drove a van transporting passengers on the route Vranje - Germany and now he regrets that he did not know how to better preserve what he gained. From his unfulfilled wishes, he did not play for the national team and for FC Partizan from Belgrade. - I am currently unemployed. I am normally in football, I come here to Dinamo when I have time to help. - Otherwise, here in Vranje, as a family tradition, everyone remained to have their own nickname. I inherited mine from my father. My father was also a football player. I knew I would play football my whole life. Of the football names, I respect Vucicevic Savicevic,, Piksi, Mijatovic . They were big stars.



Nedjip Sulejmanovski - First professional bodybuilder, Roma and Macedonian pride - Absolute Bodybuilding Champion for 2020

Nedjip Sulejmanovski (30) was born in Skopje and the current champion of Macedonia in the heavyweight category and absolute category in Bodybuilding for 2020,

He started showing interest in this sport at the age of 22. He now works as a fitness trainer and massager. He became interested in this sport and did his first exercises at home. After two years of remarkable progress, and gaining a lean muscle mass of 20 kg, he was determined to enter and try out in professional waters and compete.

He started his professional engagement in 2014, with a strict training regime, nutrition at a much higher level. All this resulted in 2018 when he participated for the first time in a competition in Bitola, in the category up to 80 kg and managed to win 4th place as a member of the team Magnus. It was a motive for him to work even harder and harder through the trainings. It resulted in even greater success. The bodybuilding competition was held on August 23 this year in the City Park. Sulejmanovski participated in this second big competition also for the team of Magnus where he took the victory in his category and won the first place convincingly. Additionally, Sulejmanovski won the heavyweight category and the title of Absolute Champion.

As he says for the Roma Times portal, Sulejmanovski himself is very satisfied with the achieved results together with his coach Dragan Paunovic. His next goal is already on October 12 this year at the famous Diamond Cup which is of international character and expects the highest ranking, where he has focused in recent years.

Sulejmanovski is already slowly gaining the sympathy of the general public, and fans of this sport, and we can conclude that it is already becoming a real Roma and Macedonian pride, as well as a motive for the younger generations to start doing this really difficult sport.

It must be noted that it is necessary for the public, the media and the country itself to show greater interest in this talent where there really is capacity, to represent our country at the highest level and in the world. Nedjip, we are with you!



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