Rab Howell: The first and only Roma to play for England and Liverpool

When he played for Sheffield United in 1890, Rabin (Rab) Howell was a real sensation. At a time when the Roma were expected to have the most miserable jobs for the public, it was a surprise that a "pure-blooded Roma" played in such a big club.


Rab Hauvel was a successful, talented and persistent footballer, who after Sheffield soon played for Liverpool and the English national team, which today classifies him as the only Roma who played for the English national team.

Howell was born in 1867. In a Roman caravan in Weinbank. Sheffield district. Before becoming famous for playing for Sheffield United and Liverpool, Howell played for Ecclesfield and Rotherham Swifts.


He was a really great footballer despite his height of 165 cm. He made his debut as a striker, but was immediately reassigned to the defense and played in that position until the end of his career.

In the book "The 100 Greatest Sheffield United Football Clubs", Dennis Clareboort says many of the players had a fear of Rab, described as a "hard nail".


The last club he played for after Liverpool was Preston North End. He played 68 games for Liverpool and did not stay long in Preston when he broke his football career in 1903 due to a broken leg.


He continued to live in Preston, and worked as a night watchman. He was in poor health and later died blind in 1937 at the age of 69.



Bomb: Mike Tyson will fight Fury!

It has long been written about possible opponents, but no one could have expected that one of Tyson's opponents would be Fury! This was confirmed today in a statement for "BT Sport".


"I received a call to fight Mike Tyson and I couldn't believe it. Of course I said "yes" to what else, "said Fury.

"I think it's very serious to have a few fights," said Fury, who said Tyson's fights would be exhibitionist.


"I think he and Holyfield are a little too old, but who am I to say if someone is capable or not?" Fury concluded.


A fight between Fury and Tyson will certainly attract attention, no matter what the character.

Fury and Wilder were about to fight at a news conference

WBC heavyweight world champion Dionty Wilder and his opponent Tyson Fury had little to do before a press conference in Las Vegas.


The two angry rivals stopped at each other and began to say something in their face. This lasted for about a minute, after which the American pushed the Briton back in the same manner as Hughes. Boxing members and security personnel who prevented a fight then responded.


The battle between Wilder and Fury will take place on February 23 in Las Vegas.


Thirty-four-year-old Wilder has 42 wins and 1 draw. On the other hand, 31-year-old Fury has 29 wins and 1 draw.


The first match between them took place on December 1, 2018 and ended in a draw.

Jasmin Ramic: "In the ring I showed what 'Roma heart' means!

Jasmin Ramic, better known as "The Lion's Heart", is a member of the Kick Boxing Club "Panther" from Bijeljina, BiH. With her courage and perfect technique this young Roma from Bijeljina conquers the hearts of the audience.

Although the Panther club is not a beneficiary of Bijeljina's budget funds and operates without sponsors, the club invests heavily in the career of this talented fighter.

Throughout his career, Jasmine has competed in various categories and has the honor of trying both in amateur boxing and in K-1 profile matches.

He mentioned that Kick boxing had changed his life and that he had had difficult times and thought of leaving the sport. Although he had good results, he could not live the sport. He started farming too and at that point he thought it was the best solution for him.

After a three-year break at the behest of coach Dimitar Jovanovic - Roxas, he comes back into the ring and finds himself back. The preparations were slow and he won first place in the first tournament where other serious fighters took part.

He showed them what it was like to have a Roma heart. He says his opponents do not choose them, but he respects them all and goes to the end in the fighting. . Given the conditions he has, he says he is satisfied.

In a message to the young Roma Jasmine, he says it is education because he did not attend school.

The second thing is to play sports and that Roma are a very talented nation.


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