IRU focused on plans and strategies for the next four years

Following the conclusion of the 11th IRU Congress at the end of June and the election of the new IRU leadership headed by the old - new IRU President Zoram Dimov, the established presidency as well as the IRU Commissioners are now focusing on preparations for plans and program for the next four years, It is a challenge to prepare quality programs in each of the 13 IRU Commercials that covers all the fields affected by the Roma nation.

At the same time, for the first time in its leadership, the IRU has for the first time established a balance between women and men with 50-50 government participation,

60 new IRU delegates have just been hired and together with the reformed and old staff, the IRU now has 100 delegates from 55 countries worldwide. There is a coordinator for each country and a coordinator for that country. At the same time, the activities continue with the close cooperation with all relevant international institutions such as the UN, EU, EP, EC, CoE, EVZ, IOM, as well as other relevant world institutions, foundations and canals.

In the IRU with the new term the functions are divided by gender equality 50% - 50%

The 11th IRU Congress, which ended on June 27, 2020, according to participants (a record number of attendees - about 100) passed in a wonderful democratic atmosphere. The very act of voting - electronically and the present delegates and members of the IRU was conducted in the most transparent way. Through the electronic path through the EB platform of the ET team and made and designed by the IT Company "Anton Soft" and its director Elvis Hajdar for the new composition of IRU voted 82.7% while against were 17.3%, while by of the delegates present for the new composition was unanimously voted with 100% - YES.


The distribution of functions for the term 2020 - 2024, which was verified by the Voting Commission composed of Khuram Khan, Ramush Muarem and Veli Hussein, was as follows: IRU President Zoran Dimov, IRU Vice Presidents Ajten Brlafa, Stefan Kuzhicov, Punita Singh,  Dr. Vijendra Sharma. Rosita Gronfors has been appointed President of the IRU Parliament. Graciano Halilovic and Radmila Nesic are the Vice Presidents of the IRU Parliament.

Anatoly Butakov has been elected Continental President of the IRU for the United States, Central and South America, Veranda Rishi for Asia, Africa and Australia, and Arthur Kwick for the Russian Federation and the former Soviet republics.

Khurram Khan, his deputy Maria Eronen, was elected High Commissioner of the IRU Commission, while 12 Commissioners in various fields and priorities were also elected.

Ramush Muarem has been appointed Secretary General of the IRU, and Angelina Demetar-Tajkon, Gregori Julson, head of the Roma Kris, and three members, Zeljko Shain from Serbia, Nina Rusakov from Belarus and Alexandra Karagiani from Greece, have been appointed to the IRU for the first time with Romano Ombudsman.

At the same time, 60 new delegates from a total of 38 countries were admitted to the IRU.

By the way, 55 countries from all continents in the world are represented in the IRU with their membership.

IRU promotes Web platform VOTE for EQUALITY TEAM so you can vote for IRU functions

On June 25 and 26, 2020, as promised, the VOTE for EQUALITY TEAM web platform was promoted, where you can vote in four steps and cast your vote for the future positions in the IRU with a mandate of four years in the period 2020-2024.

On the platform created and protected by the IT company - Developed by Anton Soft and its owner Elvis Hajdar.

Candidates for each position stand on the platform separately with their CV and their photo.

This spreads democracy in the IRU and at the same time gives it a broader mandate because Roma around the world vote. That system is very simple and you can do it at the following link:

Voting is on June 25 and 26, 2020, and the votes will be counted by the EQUALITY TEAM verification commission.

At the XI Congress of the IRU, Zoran Dimov with a new four-year term as President of the IRU

On June 27, 2020, as announced through a Video Conference, the regular XI Congress of the IRU was held. For the first time in its history, the IRU Congress was organized through a Video Conference, due to the general situation with the pandemic with Covid 19. mail by the Roma nation all over the world. The video conference was attended by a record number of delegates and members of the IRU (over 100) from a record 55 countries. The voting was successfully conducted and for the future leadership of the IRU electronically gave support 82.7%, while against were 17.3%.

Therefore, in addition to verifying the other functions for President of the IRU in the next term 2020-2024, the current President of the IRU - Zoran Dimov from R.N.Macedonia has been appointed President.

Ajten Berlafa - Finland, Stefano Kuzhicov - Sweden, Punita Singh and Dr. Viendra Sharma - India have been appointed as Vice Presidents of the IRU.

Rosita Gronfors-Finland has been elected President of the IRU Parliament, while Graziano Halilovic-Italy and Radmila Nesic-Serbia have been appointed Vice-Presidents of the IRU Parliament.

Other functions have also been chosen, including Khurram Khan from Pakistan as Chief Commissioner of the IRU, and 12 other IRU Commissioners elected.

For the first time in the history of the IRU, 60 new IRU delegates and members from 55 countries around the world have been admitted. At the same time, IRU coordinators were appointed for each country separately.


The general assessment is that the IRU Congress was above all successfully organized, and in the next period the entire IRU leadership will focus on making plans and strategies for the coming period with an emphasis on combating the pandemic with Covid 19, and strengthening IRU positions. internationally.

With their support and successful work, representatives of the European Union, the European Parliament, including the Vice President of the European Parliament Livia Jaroka, as well as MEP Peter Polak, representatives of the European Commission, Ambassadors and other international organizations and foundations, as well as international associations and associations sent their messages.


The ET team of IRU says: The interest for membership in IRU exceeds all expectations, applications arrive a dozen times a day!

Records exist to be broken. Such a formulation can be said for the International Roma Union - IRU. According to all the parameters and the interest shown by the applicants who send their applications by e-mail to the IRU, the huge interest is visible.


Even more impressive is the fact that Roma and women send their applications equally to Roma women, and there is also great interest among the young population.

According to the ET Commission of the IRU, this interest is great because the IRU in the previous period (from 2016 when the IRU Congress was held in Skopje, where Zoran Dimov was elected president), made huge progress in its structural reforms and activities.


Since 2016, the IRU has renewed and restarted its neglected positions in international institutions such as the renewal of the ECOSOC status at the UN, and the opening of its own UN offices in New York, Vienna and Geneva, as well as open and transparent cooperation with European institutions - EP, EC, Council of Europe, etc.


At the same time, they work on creating plans, actions and strategies that they regularly send as proposals to relevant international institutions.

Hence, the IRU is a highly ranked International Roma Organization for International Factors.


That is why, in addition to the current membership of the IRU, which has 70 delegates from 50 countries, it is expected that in the next period that number will double by a dozen countries from all continents in the world.


At the same time, the ET Commission notes that in this way, in addition to the quantity, the IRU will gain greater quality in the membership for an even higher rating and a broader mandate of the organization itself and its membership.


Otherwise, applications for membership in Iru can be downloaded on the website of the IRU -,  and also on the cover of the web portal of the Roma Times php

Everything is ready for the 11th Congress of the IRU on June 27, the interest for membership in the IRU huge is expected to receive over 60 new IRU members and delegates from around the world

Saturday, June 27, 2020 will be one of the most important dates in recent Roman history. The 11th IRU Congress is being held that day. In the morning, a solemn protocol is planned for the opening of the IRU Congress and addressing many guests who confirmed their participation through a video conference. For the first time, the functions of the future leadership of the IRU will be chosen through democratic electronic voting processes. The interest is huge for joining the IRU as well. A huge number of applications have been received and the admission of new members and delegates of the IRU is expected. Their number that will join the IRU is over 60 new members and delegates of the IRU from over 55 countries around the world

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