Initiative by MP Ljatifa Šikovska for amendments and additions to the law on registration of persons without documents

Today, in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, the law on amendments and additions to the Law on unregistered persons without documents is in front of the parliamentarians, which will bring a solution to the multi-decade problem with personal documents for most citizens, a large number of whom are Roma.

You can see more in the video of the presentation of MPs Sonja Markovska and Ljatifa Šikovska, who is also the initiator of this amendment and addition to this law.


RKE: There will be a cheap tariff between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., it will depend on EVN whether all users will receive it at once

The daily cheap electricity tariff will be returned in the period from 11 am to 4 pm, that is, for two hours a day, but whether they will all receive it at once will depend on the condition of the meters that will be checked by EVN.

- After several years, it is appropriate to return the cheap daily rate. The final calculations are being made and in a period of ten to 15 days it will be known in which period it will be introduced. For now, it is known that it will be two hours, and it will be introduced between 11:00 and 16:00 when, according to our analysis, the price of electricity on the stock exchanges is the lowest. Whether they will all receive it at once will depend on EVN, which will check and adjust the meters. We will demand that the meters that cannot be read from a distance be changed more intensively, because there are many smart meters - said the president of RKE, Marko Bislimoski.

Regarding the price of electricity, Bislimoski said that the final analyzes are being done and that some operators have submitted price proposals.

- Elektrodistribuja requested an increase of 32%, and EVN did not submit a price proposal because it will make electricity purchases next month. Regarding the return of VAT to 18%, we, as the Regulatory Authority, make decisions without VAT and our decision will not affect - added Bislimoski.

From today, private carriers are again on the streets of Skopje

The public transport company - Skopje announced on social networks that an agreement has been signed with the private bus carriers and they will start running through the streets of Skopje again from today.

From this morning, private carriers will serve lines 23, 45, 61, 63, 73, 9, 11, 11A, 12, 47A, 55, 19, 20, 22, 52, 54, with 105 modern buses.

Azerbaijan: Romani people struggle for daily survival in a discriminatory environment

In the Azerbaijani city of Yevlakh, local Romani women say there is no choice but to beg in order to make a living because they continue to face discrimination. Local Romani women have been complaining to reporters for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) that they receive almost no financial support from local authorities, which deny those allegations.

“If the government gave me money for shoes, food and clothes for my children, we wouldn’t need to go out begging,” said Gulpari Mammadova, who initially did not want to speak on camera because she has previously been mistreated by police for speaking to the media. “[The children] see there’s no bread at home, that there’s no food. They go out to beg, they bring some bread and food home. They have to. Should we sit at home and die of hunger?” Mammadova desperately asked RFE/RL.

According to an unofficial estimate, about 10,000 Romani people live in Azerbaijan. Many identify as Kurds, but locals call them “Gypsies”.

Mammadova told RFE/RL that she loves her country. An Azerbaijani flag that she rescued from a garbage can hangs on one of her walls.

The Romani mother told RFE/RL that she has applied for welfare many times for herself and her nine children. “How long should I wait for that money? It doesn’t befit our Azerbaijani Muslim nation that [our children] pull out dry bread from the garbage, wet it and eat it,” she said in tears.

Mammadova also said she hopes her children will take care of her when she is elderly. Azerbaijani Romani people live separately from the majority society.



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Од 5 Ноември 2022 достапен документарниот филм на СП БТР „Небо, Точак, Земја„ на Max TV и Max TV GO со пребарување –Видеотека


6-to Romano Čhavorikanoo muzikakoro festivali 
„Čhavorikano Suno 2022“ – SP BTR

6-ти Ромски Детски музички фестивал
„Детски Сон 2022„ – СП БТР

6th Romani Children's Music Festival
"Children's Dream 2022" - SP BTR

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