Organizations across the country opposed the concept of Karakachanov Rom

Wednesday, 20 March 2019
Organizations across the country opposed the concept of Karakachanov Rom

Various associations, associations, foundations and organizations from all over the country voted against the so-called. "The Concept of Changes in the Policy for the Integration of the Gypsy (Roma) Ethnic in the Republic of Bulgaria!", Initiated by the Military Minister Krasimir Karakachanov. They proliferated in the open letter to the media the position and demands "The crazy document" to be stopped. "We consider it unacceptable for this document to be considered by the Bulgarian government because it will compromise the state and our society, whether the charges are democratic, humanistic, social and just!", Stated in the letter. We remind that according to Karakachanov's words, the concept includes "a package of measures for removing ghettos, dealing with Roma crime, socially useful work, control over social assistance, stopping child birth and a number of other mechanisms for the real integration of the marginalized part of this ethnic group." Link:

Travel exhibition "Race diagnosis: Gypsy"

Wednesday, 20 March 2019
Travel exhibition "Race diagnosis: Gypsy"

The title of the exhibition points to the inhumane pseudoscientific categorization of Sinti and Roma by the Nazis. Popularly called "Gypsies" were considered "suhumanis". About 500,000 Sinti and Roma were killed by 1945. In more than 40 exhibition panels and twelve information tables can be clear and comprehensively Entrechtungsprozess, genocide and postwar history nachvollziehen. In Magdeburg there were so-called a gypsy camp on the wrong path. The most famous resident of the camp was Erna Lauenburger it was a model for Unku in 1931 in the children's book Ede and Unku Grete Weiskopf. The city of Magdeburg was one of the first cities to build a monument for Sinti and Roma. In the park of Fürstenwall is not far from the cathedral designed in 1998 Magdeburg sculptor Wolfgang Roßdeutscher monument on the occasion of the 470 Magdeburg Sinti and Roma who were killed in concentration camps. Link:

Kiska received the European for the Sinti and the Roma Human Rights Prize in Brussels

Wednesday, 20 March 2019
Kiska received the European for the Sinti and the Roma Human Rights Prize in Brussels

The Press Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) will be held on 18. – 19. On 31 March, he will cover the business trip of President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kisk in Brussels, which is the first of a series of farewell visits before the end of his mandate on 15 June 2019. On Tuesday, 19 March 2019, the President will meet with the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, and the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk. The main topic of their talks will be the forthcoming European Parliament elections and the current developments in the EU. Kiska President in Brussels will also take over the Sinti and Roma European Human Rights Prize for his activities in the fight against racism and discrimination and the exclusion of Roma from society. The program of the visit will also include a discussion of President Kiska with Slovaks working...

Šutka NEWS

The Municipality of Suto Orizari supports the &quo...

The Municipality of Suto Orizari supports the "Campaign to reduce the drop out of the elementary school student’s"

The Municipality of Suto Orizari supports the ,, Campaign to reduce the drop out of the elementary school student’s ” in collaboration with the Elemen...

Foreign students will study Roma music in Suto Ori...

Foreign students will study Roma music in Suto Orizari

The professor Hamutal Zimra from Israel has met in the representatives from the Municipality of Shuto Orizari to start a cooperation for learning trad...

Facts about the municipality of Shuto Orizari

Facts about the municipality of Shuto Orizari

Shuto Orizari is beginning to develop in late 1963, the beginning of 1964, with the settlement of the first inhabitants, mostly Roma. The name derives...

The Council of the Municipality of Suto Orizari ha...

The Council of the Municipality of Suto Orizari has adopted a Decision to open a Police

Department and a Decision to retreat a construction owned by the municipality of Shuto Orizari to the Ministry of Interior for the purpose of opening...

Dr. Snezana Zoksimovska has more than 100,000 chil...

Dr. Snezana Zoksimovska has more than 100,000 children vaccinated in the Polyclinic Shuto Orizari for 3 decades

 In the Skopje municipality of Suto Orizari, statistically, there is the lowest percentage of vaccine opponents and the smallest percentage of measles...

World Bank ready to support local economic develop...

World Bank ready to support local economic development in Shuto Orizari

At the meeting, according to the Municipality of Shuto Orizari, women's creditworthiness was discussed through a model of association that involves ne...

Romane tradicionalno adetia baši Vasilica - Čhin e papinakoro šero irame premal i rig kotar ikljol o kham!

O Romano nevi berš - Vasilica kerel pe taro 13 januari rakjate dži o 17 januari, thaj ko akava dive čhinela pe papinja, misiria thaj o šero valjani te ovel irame premal i rig kotar ikljola o kham te manglen o berš te ovel berekjetlia!


I Vasilica si baro dive majbut e Romenge tari Srbia, a isi Roma so keren akava baro dive thaj an i Makedonia, thaj aver Balkansko thema. I data so 14 januari, ko dive kana o hristiania utsavalkeren olengoro dive Sv.Vasili jali hristiansko Nevo berš. Trujal so o purane Roma majbut si muslimania akava dive keren le salde premal tradicia so si taro periodi kana ale o Khoraja ko akala thana, kana o Roma majbaro procenti sine hristiania. 

Baši Vasilica majbut čhinela pe sine papina thaj misiria, khanja thaj aver. Šaj sine te čhinen pe kobor so mangel manuš, athinalipaja kobor si barvalo jali čorolo, thaj kobor misafiria akharel, numa majimportantno si o numero ma te ovel pari. O papina thaj aver so ka čhinen pe ko 12 jali 13 januar rakjate, a neko čhinel thaj 13 jali 14 javinate, sar ko kerel sar tradicia ki pli familia.

O papina čhinel o kherutno kote pomožinel ole panda jekh paše tari familia. Oj čhinel pe satarea ko trupco, kote o šero tari papin jali javer mora te ovel irame ki rig kotar so ikljola o kham. Okola so čhinen valjani te oven nangjarde. Akava si sar pagansko tradicia. Majbari loš si te sine i papin,. o misiri jali i khani thuli soske pakjala pe kaj o berš ka ovel panda majberikjetno. Odoleske kinena sine papina, misiria, jali khanja angleder i Vasilica te šaj te parvaren pe thaj te oven panda pothule.

Ko disave popurane familie sine adeti da te phagen guruveskere pre te keren pača kote giljaven sine thaj gilja. Rakjate ko 12 januari ko trupco o domakini e khereskoro phagel sine o kočia taro guruv thaj giljavel sine gili:" But sastipe bičhavav me dajake me dadeske. Te bičhavav lenge but baht thaj sastipe. Ko lengoro anav kerav i pača"

Ki Vasilica ko 14 januari javinate o polazniko avel ko kher. Ov frdel pani, e kherutnen khuvel ko šero, frdel mumuruzi, pirindži em love thaj vakerela: " Bahtali i Vasilica".

O polazniko si arakhlo tari familia. Oleske dena love šeja thaj gudel.

Rakjake ko 14 januari kerel pe o hajbe. Kerel pe sine čorba, pherde babure, peko mas taro papinja, khanja, misiria em salata. Den sine em piftia - pača. Ki odoja rat bešel sine salde i familia khere a na javer misafiria.

Ko disave romane mahalae, sine asavko adeti kote o polayniko ked avel sine pučel sine e domakjine e khereskoro taro udar, a o domakini adžikerel le sine ko astali pherdo hajbaja e lafencar : " Dikheja man_". O domakjini del džovapi_ " Dikhava tut". Te gani o polaznioko iranel lafencar : "Akava berš dikheja man, dži berše ma te dikhe man" - mislibaja kaj taro pherdo astali hajbaja dži berše te našti dikhel e polazniko thaj i trpeza te ovel pherdi.

Ko odova dive kerel pe sine pogača jali kačamako thaj čhivel pe sine metalno moneta, thaj ko ka arkhel la sine odova berš ka ovel oleske majbahtali


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