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Diana Dubova - Trans woman and fighter.

26-year-old Diana Dubava is a trans woman whose transition is not over yet. She is a Roma from Kosovo, a child from home. She is a very abused child.
Due to its specific situation it is now under the protection of the Center for Social Work.

"I have had a difficult and poor childhood since the 1999 bombings in Kosovo.
Because of these disasters, I was immediately disturbed by my mother. I grew up difficult and traumatic. I was accepted into the orphanage, ”says Diana

Along the way, I realized that the school was giving me the knowledge I needed and enrolled in Catering Tourism School. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation - Department - Somatoped.

- I always knew I was feeling different, but I grew up in a family that would hardly understand what it was - transgender or homosexual.
But they knew I was different because I was a feminized boy who contributed to problems in the family.

I have been taking hormone therapy for a year now and am looking forward to the surgery.
She points out that she has the support of the Center and the home, the facilitators, the donors, whom she is endlessly grateful for, but thinks this is not enough to explain her decision to foreigners.

Diana on the site Gogetfunding.com shared her story and urged people financially to help her successfully complete the sex change process.

"I dream that this is going to end up right and that in the future people will not see me through trans or sexual orientation, but through my qualities," said Diana Dubova.

Link: https://noizz.rs/big-stories/dijana-dubovic-trans-romi-kosovo-intervju/2shtsgj

How is it possible for Nortmund Rudevic of Latvia to be the legal president of his Riga IRU, and the last Congress he did 5 years ago?

To what extent does the parallel IRU of Latvia, Riga whose "president" is Northmund Rudevic, organize besides the then non-statutory 9th Congress in August 2019 during their music festival traditionally organized with funds from the State of Latvia, and distorting it the moment he self-invited guests for the festival and then they sat down and "organized a Congress". They invited the "IRU Riga Members" as their guests and made it their Presidency!

And then in the following period, without observing the statutory provisions of the true IRU (registration, head office, Statute, etc.), they began their offensive propaganda in front of international institutions presenting themselves as a "valid IRU", inflicting catastrophic degradation and damage on the IRU as a whole. the whole Roma people.

With these moves, Northmund made a complete confusion to the divided international public. And then, realizing the concrete and transparent activity of the lawful IRU, headed by Zoran Dimov, elected in March 2016 at the 10th Congress, in the period that passed he wanted to bring about a "rapprochement with the valid IRU, but with the ultimate goal to disrupt it. the true integrity of the IRU.

One of those segments was the position of the Board of Trustees at the EVZ Foundation in Berlin, where he first went alone and presented himself as "President of the IRU", then EVZ found out the truth about his "rigged IRU" and then in a mutual agreement. Zoran Dimov will be named associate member of the EVZ Board of Trustees, and then in 2018 Northmund will again send a letter to EVZ with the wording "Pooh, the deal does not apply".

In all this time, unlike the IRU headed by Zoran Dimov, has held five Parliamentary sessions (Skopje 2016, Belgrade 2017, Pula 2018, Helsingborg 2018 and Skopje 2019), Northmund has "managed" to do throughout this period from 2015 to date only one - Moldova December 2018!

At the same time, Zoran Dimov's IRU succeeded in restoring its IRU status to the UN in June 2018 - ECOSOC and opened three offices in Vienna, New York, and Geneva with its IRU representatives at the UN. It has strengthened co-operation with the EU, the EC, the CoE and other international institutions.

It is active with participation in European institutions, both in Brussels and in Strasbourg, Vienna, Geneva, Berlin and other cities.
It has its own plan, program of action and a large number of Roma action plans undertaken. All this is implemented with submitted documents in the form of Resolutions, Declarations, etc. documents.

What does Northmund do with his IRU 2020 from Latvia? Virtually nothing! Five years and no concrete activity on behalf of the Roma !.

Looking at his IRU 2020 site, Riga Latvia, you will notice that they are not active at all and the information is outdated. 60% of the members registered there are not active in this field, but only "figure" since August 2015!

Unfortunately, those members are no longer among the living! Many of them responded in 2015 that they were not even part of "that IRU" and were put on that list without their consent !. - http://iru2020.org/blog/

Roma activism wonders when Northmund Rudevich will manipulate the public and when he will play the role of - IRU 2020 President!

According to the IRU Statute, the IRU Congress is held every 4 years, with my Presidency and Northmund re-elected not even after 5 years - he still doesn't want to do Congress!
That's how far Northmund IRU 2020 has come!

I stood at Zoran Dimov - "I am honest and open, not a coward who hides behind some blogs without the blogger's name!"

Some time ago, more precisely with the post on July 13 this year appeared on the social networks a text titled "What hurt the Roma" politicians "," experts "and" activists "? . As the blog titled "About the Roma Affairs" writes, the blog was intended to comment on the daily developments of the Roma community in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

Strange and interesting! This inspired plagiarist blogger or a group of bloggers by Krste Petkov Misirkov (along with the overtly renamed titled "On Macedonian Matters"), found it appropriate to use this text to act "upliftingly" for all those "others" who are not in line with his or her concept of action.
Several people were appointed who "did not grow up" to give their opinion, attitude, etc.

Personally, as Zoran Dimov, I would not like to speak in someone else's name, but what is symptomatic is that in that context I was mentioned and even "labeled" normally - in a negative connotation and compared with metaphors I am a man who I quote "One of these is the notorious" Prime "of the Roma, and that is Zoran Dimov, who has done everything he could in the past to lose the TV and the factory today and nothing and nothing. But let's not forget, Miss of Roma beauty is always organized because that's the most important thing. "

Fellow blogger / s, I'll tell you one. I am Zoran Dimov publicly and with a name and surname before you. I am honest and open, not a coward who is behind some blogs without the name of the blogger or bloggers! "
But one thing is symptomatic. What is this exclusive right to publicly denounce me as a man, and as a family man and businessman, and an activist, without any evidence, fact, document, for everything "above?
Are you aware that in this way you are looking for the trouble of your neck and that there are also facts and evidence that you are initiating and making a serious offense that can easily come to court as well for such disqualifications, offend blackmails, insults and slander .

Today it is not at all difficult to find the author or the orderer of this offensive and uncovered text, for which you can have severe consequences.

If I had been the one I described in the above text on your part, so far in my over 28 years of activity, I would "go to a mess" any criminal charges or a punitive decision. The state is neither blind nor passive in order to take action if it is established in all these decades backwards if there was such a thing!

Are you doing the smartest of the others, or how I take this your writing is just, insulting, damaging and discrediting my personality, where you address the first person singular - with labeling and qualifications.

I will repeat this once again - you will face a judicial solution, because you are attacking lumpy, and cowardly hiding behind blogs or possibly ordered texts without facts and evidence.

And finally, to order one of you to take over the FB status: "If now I have nothing and I'm poor, I'll only eat bread and salt."
"But the poor minds therefore - eat shit!"

I promise - we will soon face justice! - In court!

"Someone new children" from young Roma activists, to self-promotion in future leaders!

After the current developments regarding the possible candidacy proposed by the Romani bloc in the President Pendarovski's Cabinet, a front was immediately opened for making various discussions, comments and initiated polls, to "measure" the pulse who is the one who can take it function.

And see a miracle, in the "foreground" somehow appeared on the surface names that until yesterday "were sworn non-partisan and non-political colored young intellectuals working to raise the Roma issue at a higher level.

Names that filtered as a proposal were generally known names from the Roma NGO sector, which in some way promoted themselves as a "corrector" of the current and "worn out" Roma leaders, without any ambition to take their seats.
But suddenly, as if they felt the "climate" was time and that "now or never" is the moment to settle in those places.

And even more interesting about these positions are "beaten" by yesterday's and still current "non-governmental" potentials, which deftly hid behind the frontier called - non-governmental institutions, associations, associations, etc. And they are all from the same bloc that, during the campaigns for the President of the state, were imposed as neutral observers.

The names that are now profiled are actually well-known "Some new nails" from Romalitico, Roma Versitas fused in Avaja!

A clear sign that politics is, however, a much more secure, secure and comtotic status than Roma activism.
Until yesterday, the rhetoric "Neutral and in name only for Roma progress and goodness" was replaced with the same formulation, but without it "neutral" and with political notes "In the name only for the Roma progress and goodness"

And when we are in the nomination, one question - What is the work that does not have one child with exceptional capacity among these names - after my neutral and objective opinion - Denis Selman? What's this kid's praise?

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