Exhibition "Roma" by Quesак Leonard

Photographer Quesak Leonard was born in Paris 1909 and died in L'Escala 1994

This written and photographic documentary about his life and his time through the eyes of a Roma woman will break through the visitor's heart, sparking a universe of hyper-realistic beauty that sometimes immerses you in innocence and another cruel and ruthless drama.

This objective alchemist has the talent to place the spectator himself on stage, to be part of a whole and to live every picture through his eyes.

He marries Rosario Amaya, his muse and his queen, the mother of his children. She is a Catalan Roma and the son of a wealthy French family.

This story about their love and to show that someone "different" in this case the Roma is the same blood flows through the veins.

She is in his eyes his Queen.







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