Roma integration in Sweden

Tuesday, 15 October 2019
Roma integration in Sweden

For the 2014-2020 period, Sweden will be allocated a total of €1.7 billion in funds from the European Social Fund (ESF) and European Regional Devleopment Fund (ERDF). At least 42.5% of this amount will be spent on the ESF, with at least 20% of that going towards the promotion of social inclusion and combating poverty. The latter could also finance Roma-related measures. The Council of Europe estimates that approximately 42,500 Roma live in Sweden (0.46% of the population). Sweden has produced a strategy for Roma inclusion that covers 20 years (2012 to 2032). The overall objective is that a Roma person aged 20 should have the same opportunities in life as a non-Roma person by 2032.

Senago mayor takes migrants out of housing and houses Italian homeless: "My Citizens First"

Tuesday, 15 October 2019
Senago mayor takes migrants out of housing and houses Italian homeless: "My Citizens First"

"First accommodation for my 80 citizens" - Phrase made by the Senago municipality revolution. The new Northern League mayor, Magda Beretta, has kept the promise made during the election campaign and says immigrants are a thing of the past. He has been relocated to accommodate Italian homeless people. Even before the election, the mayor wrote a letter to the prefect informing him that no more migrants would be accepted in his 21,000-strong city. Senago is an example of Italy returning to defend the interests of Italians, too often trampled on and discriminated against by mayors and leftist administrations.

Famous Roma - Pablo Picasso

Tuesday, 15 October 2019
Famous Roma - Pablo Picasso

One of the most famous painters, sculptors, painters and graphic artists of the 20th century, the founder of Cubism, the Spanish Pablo Picasso was a Roma. In his career he has created more than 6,000 paintings, sculptures and drawings worth millions, married twice and had many lovers. He had four children, and his last daughter Paloma got him when he was 68 years old Otherwise Pablo Picasso, formally Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga, October 25, 1881. His works include "Miss Avignon", "Guernica" and the great wall painting at the UNESCO Palace in Paris. Picasso dies at his villa, in the small town of Mouzen, on the French Riviera on April 8, 1973.

Šutka NEWS

The first Roma municipality in the world, Shuto Or...

The first Roma municipality in the world, Shuto Orizari celebrated its 23rd birthday!

The municipality of Shuto Orizari began to develop in late 1963, early 1964, with the first inhabitants settling on the largest number of Roma. The na...

Was the killer of a young Roma woman found in a bl...

Was the killer of a young Roma woman found in a black bag in Gorno Orizari?

On August 6, a female corpse was found in a black bag near the road near Gorno Orizari. After the autopsy, the body was identified and a 30-year-old g...

The legendary Refet Suleiman, known as Papo Alfons...

The legendary Refet Suleiman, known as Papo Alfonso, has died

After a long and severe illness August 8, 2019, at the home of Suto Orizari - Skopje, at the age of 87 died Refet Suleyman, who was known in public as...

Unofficial: Woman found in black bag, resident of...

Unofficial: Woman found in black bag, resident of Shuto Orizari at about 30

Traces of violence were spotted on a female corpse found yesterday in Skopje's Gorno Orizari.Some media reports say the woman (the girl) found in a bl...

Officially Asan Ferat President of the SDSM - Shut...

Officially Asan Ferat President of the SDSM - Shuto Orizari

At the weekend, a meeting was held where the SDSM of the municipality chose the new municipal leadership. . This municipal branch officially chose Asa...

In Shuto Orizari, a police department has been put...

In Shuto Orizari, a police department has been put into operation

After the settlement of the property-legal relations by the Municipality of Shuto Orizari and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the new po...

Zoran Dimov misafiri an o "Phravdo studio" an i 1 TV: Kama te da suporto e Govermentoske ko bukjarnipa e Romenge

Pali akharin taro šerutno editori thaj legarutno an i emisia "Phravdo studio" Sašo Ordanovski . misafiri an i emisia sine o Presidento e Internacionalno Romane Uniake -IRU thaj sar presidento e NGO ZRDICM o Zoran Dimov.

Sine dende majbut pičimata an i konekcia o Roma tari RM thaj o Roma an o internacionalno nivelo. Ko pučipa: " Kobor thema an i lumia isi ministeria Roma so keren buti vash o romano pučiba" o Dimov akcentiringja kaj an i R.Makedonia si jekh taro raritetmo thema an i lumia so direktno si o Roma an o funkcie sar an o lokalno agjaar thaj an o kanonikano - Parlamento thaj egzekutivno an o Govermento.

Numa i refleksia si but telel o minimumo an i sasti situacia vash o Roma an i them.
O funkcie si dende numa aver rigatar i situacia si Status Quoe Romencar aso o Dimov thaj o sasto problemo si so o akcie an i realizacia i doš si ko korkoro Roma, ko Govermento thaj ko dujto ešaloni implementatoria sar so si lokalno, komunakoro legaripa an i implementacia.

Odova kerel sasti refleksia an i situacia e Romencar akcentea ko terne Roma so ko baro numero džana peske avri tari them rodipaja lačhe šartia baši egzistencia.

Ko jekh o Dimov potenciringja kote isi le kerdo koncepti so del šajdipa bašo bukjarno aktiviriba e Romenge thaj ov si anavkerdo sar "Start up Roma" so trubul akala divesate khuvel an i govrementeskiri procedura olakere startoske thaj realizacia.


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