At the panel discussion "Formalizing waste collectors", before the attendees of this event at the EU InfoCentre, the organizers RBIC and Go Green noted that there is a large informal economy in the waste sector, where waste collectors represent a very important part.

With the profession "Waste collector" will be given a legal form in their activity, which will enable them to get involved in the system and get employed.
In this direction both organizations have prepared a plan and program for realization of this type of activity.

At the same time, the MEPP was also mentioned that it is committed to implementing the package of circular economy adopted by the European Union, and in that direction we are in the final phase of drafting the Law on Waste Management that establishes these principles, as well as the Plan for the prevention of waste in the Republic of Macedonia.

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RBICM and Go Green organize panel discussion: "Inclusion of informal waste collectors into a sustainable waste management system in the City of Skopje"

A panel discussion on the topic "Inclusion of informal waste collectors into a sustainable waste management system in the City of Skopje" will take place on November 20 at 11:00 in the EU Info Center Skopje.

The initiators of the organization of this panel discussion are the Roma Business Information Center Association and the Association Gou Green - Skopje.

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On 04. 09.2018 in the local community in the settlement Lisice a public event was held marking the beginning of the collection of plastics from the households in the settlement Lisice, by the informal waste collectors.

At the event, the Association "Go Green" and "Roma Business Information Center", together with the City of Skopje and the Municipality of Aerodrom, awarded "HTZ" equipment, jumbo bags and visible identification of informal collectors who will collect plastic in the settlement Lisice. Identity cards are a way through which they are recognized by citizens as the official "collectors" of plastic in the settlement Lisice.

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The initiative of the President of ZDRICM, Zoran Dimov with the support of several Roma NGOs - InSoK, Skopje, Mesecina-Gostivar, Sonce-Tetovo, Romalitiko, the Roma Rights Association - Stip, REDI, Drom-Kumanovo, Kham -Delchevo, Go Green- Skopje and others, as well as the current MP in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Samka Ibraimovski, entitled "Start Up Roma 2018-2020" and prepared a plan that was submitted to the Cabinet of the Minister without Portfolio Aksel Ahmedovski for consideration and at the first joint meeting were established several groups for its elaboration among who also had a representative from MTPS. It is already ready and will be submitted for consideration to the Commissions of the Government.

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Здружение за едукација и заштита на собирачи на секундарен отпад – ЕДУКАТИВНА УНИЈА НА РЕЦИКЛАТОРИ – ЗЕУР- Скопје, за потребите на реализација на проектот “Идентификување на лица без изводи од матична книга на родени во Топаана и Чаир” , објавува Јавен повик за пријавување на 2 (две) Лица за превод на студија : едно лице за превод од македонски на англиски и едно лице за превод од македонски на ромски јазик.

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