On the wall of the Traumatology Clinic in the center of Zagreb there is a script graphite that celebrates Hitler and the Nazis. There are also symbols of the Ustasha.

The Nazi slogan, which celebrates Hitler and the Third Reich, "One Nation, One Empire, One Leader", was written on the wall of the clinic in downtown Zagreb, Index.hr reported. As indicated, graphite has been in a prominent place for some time.

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The map of the sufferings of Roma in Serbia and Evreote set and some locations were not known to the general public. In 1941, only 4 months Nazis liquidated 1,500 Jews and 6,000 Roma. It happened in the first phase of the Holocaust in Serbia until November 1941.

Otherwise publishing and mapping will sporvede from February to June this year as part of the "places of suffering -first phase of the Holocaust"

On the map you will find some newly discovered locations such as the Rakovica and Bubanj Potok.

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Štar mile Roma sine mule an i rakj maškar dujto thaj trinto avgusti 1944 an o Aušvic. Mano Helenrajner taro Minhen tikno vakti angleder odova oleskiri familia sine dislocirime an o aver konc logori.

Akava si oleskiri storia:
O Mano Helenrajner džala saste. Akava 84 beršengoro seljaminkerel e misafiren anglal piro kher ko bavarsko Metenhaim, 89 km dur taro Minhen. Ko basamakia si hulavde fotografie kote si ove e germansko presidentoa Kristijan Vulf thaj Joahim Gauk sikavel piro konc phanlipaskoro numero taro Aušvic -  Z 3526.

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10 years ago in Hungary, a series of murders took place. The goal was the Roma. Victims are mostly forgotten, and most survivors live in extreme poverty.

Eva Coca was once a person who enjoyed life. Together with her husband, Yeno led a modest but happy life.  
The couple lived in the village of Tishalok, in the eastern part of Hungary, in a beautiful house with a yard. For decades they had secure jobs, he was in a drug factory, she was at a wood processing plant.

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